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Even you can become a partner in this evangelical ministry.  As in the scriptures, when the boy offered five loaves and two fish to Jesus, it quenched the hunger of thousands of people.  Likewise, through each little prayer assistance and co-operation, children all over the world will come to know of Christ .  You can support us in the following ways:

1.  You can pray for the holiness and growth of the ministry. 

2.  You can assist in the ministry for a period of six month or one year or more by becoming a partner in the Evangelical ministry. 

3.  You may introduce and organize Christeen Retreats and Prayer groups in your locality.

4.  You can attend the gospel training program to become an animator and help us guide the children to make them walk in Jesus way, following his footprints. 

5.  You can become a partner in the ministry by availing an agency for the Serafin Magazine.

6.  You can strengthen this ministry by offering one-tenth of your wealth which God has given you.

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